Rubén Estrada – Empanada Master

The Empanada Master is an Estrada family business that began when Ruben Estrada was 18, in 1971. While completing his final year in High School, he saved enough money to have his friend purchase a step-in truck, which they then prepped it with the necessary culinary equipment. Ruben was fortunate enough to be on a major construction site located in El Barrio on 108th St. and 1st Ave. Spanning four blocks, it is now known as the 1199 Housing Plaza. Today, after many years as an entrepreneur building different businesses, being a public official, and civic leader from El Barrio to The White House, God placed him on a path where he found the most pleasure during his youth. Cooking food and feeding his community gives him great pleasure. With God’s blessing, Ruben Estrada and his family are more than happy to provide an authentic Puerto Rican family flair and taste of pastelillos “empanandas.”